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Recommended Web Links
Anny Dentener-Boswell

Here are some of the links we have found useful

Business basics for Alberta food processors (Agriculture, Food and Rural Development; Alberta Government) This site provides a business planning guide to help you get started in the processed food industry. It's meant to serve as a general reference for food processors, and to answer some of your questions.
Overview of small business resources Hosted by the Mangere Bridge Community web site, this page has links to resources and tips useful for running a small business.
Food Ingredients First Resource on ingredients, also has some ingredient overview articles from the World of Food Ingredients magazine.
Food Navigator Resource on ingredients, food additives and nutrition.
FOOD SCIENCE101 Basic Food Science reference site, older, not kept up to date.
FoodWorks portal to NZ food industry A New Zealand food industry portal offering access to a wide range of news, products and services.
FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) All you need to know about food labelling and composition regulations in New Zealand and Australia. The complete Food Standards Code is available on-line in pdf format.
Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST (UK)) UK based good resource especially the Information Statements on issues such as Avian Flu, Food Handlers with Aids, Acrylamide and Furan.
New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology (NZIFST). Anny Dentener is a Fellow of the of NZIFST, and actively involved. The site has information on membership, careers, position statements, conferences and events, food safety and lots more. This free site maintains a larger food database than the USDA, includes information on fast foods and food additives, and provides some useful tools for analysing your diet, including caloric ratio, glycemic load, inflammation rating, nutrient balance indicator and protein quality.
MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) The Science + Innovation Group within MBIE shows what funding you may be able to obtain for your projects.
US Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Index to their published journals, scientific background material, papers and free resources.
USDA Food and Nutrition Information Centre Search for the composition information of 6000 food products and provides complete nutritional tables including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. Also tables on nutrient losses due to cooking, frying, baking
US National Honey Board Food Science and Technology of honey. Covers composition, physical properties, microbiology, and applications of honey
Wheat Food Council Information Network Papers on baking and health topics related to wheat

Software links

The following provides links to a range of specialist food technology software sites, and is in no particular order. For my detailed software reviews, please click here.

S-Matrix's Fusion AE software product suite, including Fusion Product Development Fusion Product Development combines advanced Data Mining with state-of-the-art Design of Experiments (DOE) capabilities. Designed for working scientists and engineers. It provides an Automated mode (recommended for novice users) and a User-interactive mode (recommended for advanced users) for experiment design and data analysis.
FoodWorks Nutrition Labelling (Xyris) Software for nutrition labelling and new product development for Australia and New Zealand
Unscrambler (CAMO) Multivariate data analysis and DOE software (CAMO Guideline no longer available)
ECHIP (now sold by Experimentation by Design) ECHIP user friendly DOE software.
Design-Expert (StatEase) DOE software, with powerful statistical methods and historic data analysis capability
Serve (Serve) Nutritional management system for diet analysis
Recipe Module (Hamilton Grant) Recipe Developer which covers the complete recipe cycle from new product development through to production of product technical data.
TechWizard (Owlsoft) Ice cream, least cost formulation, reverse engineering and US nutrition labeling software.
Genesis R&D (ESHA Research) Nutrition and labelling software with large US-Canadian food ingredient database
Milly (Milly Systems) Costing and labelling software for food handling operations.
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