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Welcome to Adecron Food Tech Consulting, Anny Dentener-Boswell, Director

Anny is now semi-retired and not taking on any new clients or projects.
She is however available to give some short free start up support to new small businesses.
It is her way of giving back to the industry using her expertise and knowledge.

Food & Dairy Technology Consulting

Anny can create your new product, sort out your labelling, help with food tech software and solve many of your food tech problems. Talk to her for help for your situation and be assured that it will be kept completely confidential

Product Development

Anny is an expert in developing fine tasting foods. Want healthy quality products, with great flavour and texture, good shelf life and at an attractive price? Use Anny's Super Taster taste buds and award winning experience in food and dairy product development [More...].

Labelling, Nutrition and Health Claims

Identifying possible health claims on your food can be a market bonus. Anny is a specialist in food law compliance on nutrition labelling, composition, ingredient declarations and label, nutrition and health claims. Experience counts when choosing a food labelling consultant: well over 1000 labels completed since 2002. [More...].

Specialist Food Tech Software

Anny has a strong interest in specialised food technology software, especially nutrition labelling and experimental design software. She has shared her knowledge in NZ food industry magazines. Her critical "star rated" reviews can be found here.[ Read before you buy! ] [ More...].

Anny Dentener's background

Managing Director Anny Dentener is a prominent NZ food technology consultant with a wealth of experience (since 1981) in [Food & Dairy Product Development], [Labelling and Nutrition] and [Food Tech Software applications]. Anny has been an independent consulting food technologist since 1997 and works and has worked with clients all over NZ, Australia, the Pacific and several other countries around the world.

Industry Recognition

Anny was made a Fellow of NZIFST in 2003. She has been an invited judge to the NZ Cheese Awards and past Massey Food Awards, but decided to withdraw in 2008 with 4 clients entering. She represents smaller supplemented food manufacturers on the MPI Retailers & Manufacturers Advisory Forum.

Community Involvement

Anny at times does non-fee paying work for charitable purposes. She helped a Kurdish refugee with the development and labelling of an ethnic food. She has given free formulation help for fundraising with healthier biscuits and labelling advice to charitable groups selling food products.

Anny Dentener was volunteer editor of the Mangere Bridge Community website set up by her late husband Peter in 2004. The site is now maintained by local volunteer Shane Langley.

Latest News:

  • New Health Star Rating:
    Following the 2015 NZIFST FIT training workshop on Health Claims and Health Star Rating, find here a combined Nutrient Profiling and Health Star Rating scoring sheet. The health star rating calculator and the nutrient profiling scoring website help you calculate the scores, but don't tell you why you got those. So use the worksheet and you will understand why the scores are what they are. Use it to establish how your product's nutrition and composition determine where they sit in relation to cut off points. Could a bit of tweaking mean you can score better?
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